Thursday, 25 August 2016

GCSE Results Day!

Today has been the annual highpoint that is GCSE results day with ACRES!  As usual, there have been some great results with 87% of our English GCSE students getting a 'C' or above and 57% getting a grade 'B' or above. A big congratulations to all our GCSE students today and a warm 'thank you' to all our tutors.

Behind the results are some lovely personal stories.  Emma Canadine, in addition to celebrating her 40th birthday today, achieved a grade 'B' in English and is going on to study maths GCSE with ACRES in September.  Emma Slydel was relieved to get the 'C' in English that she needs to do a PGCE and train to be a teacher, as she is expecting a baby in November, and anticipates being in labour on the re-sit date!  Another delighted student who also wants to be a teacher, is Stephanie Fuller, who got an 'A' in Maths.  She said, "It's really good to challenge yourself by learning new things.  Kevin was a brilliant tutor, so patient."

A number of students talked about the improvement in their skills.  Charlie Turner commented that his English GCSE grade 'B' had given him real confidence in his speaking and listening skills, and Emma Slydel has seen an overall improvement in her English skills.  Kay Johnson, who got an 'A' in English, discovered she was particularly good at creative writing.

Other students felt that their studies had taught them wider skills.  Ailbhe Coleman's 'C' in her maths GCSE also taught her that it is okay to have some 'me' time and Sharon Pugh, who also got a 'C' in maths commented that doing the qualification had given her self-confidence and allowed her to see that maths is about patterns, not numbers.  Liz Adams, who got a 'B' in maths, joked "that hard work appears to trump natural ability."

If you are considering taking these vital qualifications, why not be inspired by these success stories.  If you haven't already got a GCSE A*-C in the subject, you'll probably qualify for a free place.  The GCSE courses are already filling up quickly, so if you want next year to feature your success story, then 'phone 01825 761820, e-mail, or come and see us to find out about enrolling on one of our courses.

Ailbhe Coleman and her young supporters! - 'C' in Maths

Charlie Turner, 'B' in  English

Dannel Fisher, 'C' in maths, with fellow student Ailbhe

Emma Canadine 'B' in maths, Kaylie Woollard 'A' in English, and Kay Johnson also an 'A' in English

Emma Slydel, 'C' in English

Sharon Pugh, 'C' in maths

Stephanie Fuller, 'A' in maths

Friday, 19 August 2016

ACRES going to Battle!

ACRES has just got a bit larger, with the welcome addition of Claverham Adult Education in Battle.  Whilst there will continue to be local favourites, there will also be some new courses on offer.  A brochure is being produced and will be posted out in early September, so watch out for these new, exciting learning opportunities.  We look forward to welcoming Battle folk to our courses.

There are a range of cookery courses

Why not try designing and making your own jewellery

Get familiar with silver!

Creative Wood Carving

Thursday, 14 July 2016

ACRES have a 'Big Day Out'

In keeping with our annual tradition, ACRES had a stall at the Uckfield 'Big Day Out' publicising our new brochure which is hot off the press.  We had plenty of enquiries and interest in our new programme of courses starting in September.  Whilst the mail drop of our brochure to every household in the ACRES' area, doesn't take place until next month, you will see our brochure out and about in libraries, community centres and  waiting rooms.  You can also collect a copy from our offices.  You can enroll straight away and some people have been busy doing just that.  Don't hesitate, we always get some courses that fill quickly!
Look out for our new brochure

ACRES at the Big Day Out!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Out in the garden....

As well as offering its main programme of courses, ACRES works in partnership with local organisations, providing courses that meet a specific local need.  One such example is a gardening course that was held in conjunction with one of our partnership organisations, transforming a rather under-used piece of ground into a pretty and productive garden using raised beds, containers and hanging baskets.  The finished result was rather impressive as you can see.

If you want to know more about partnership courses, please contact Catherine Collingwood, Community Liaison Co-ordinator for ACRES, on 01825 761820 or e-mail her on

Pretty in pots!

Team working....

Nurturing the seedlings

Add a splash of colour

More than just a shed!

A tasteful feature

Getting hands dirty...

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Under Examination

It's that time of year again when ACRES' students are putting all their learning to the test and taking exams.  ACRES offers GCSEs in English and Maths and this year there are 69 students taking exams in these subjects, with twice as many doing maths compared to English.  We've also got students taking Functional Skills English and Maths qualifications so our Exams Officer, Lisa Warriner, is keeping busy!  We wish all our students taking exams the very best of luck and we are confident you'll do well.  And remember, if you have been thinking of improving your qualifications but haven't yet taken the plunge, these courses are usually free for students who haven't already got an A*-C grade, or equivalent.  The new courses for September will be open for enrolments next month and they usually fill up quickly, so don't delay, go for it!

Some of last year's successful Maths GCSE students

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Find Your Way to ACRES!

Those of you with sharp eyesight will have spotted that the ACRES' Office has gained new signage so that visitors to the Uckfield Community Technology College/Freedom Leisure site will be able to find our offices, just opposite the leisure centre and adjacent to the school, more easily.

If you would like to enroll on a course, just visit us to pick up our latest brochure, or ask a question about a course that you are interested in, then you are very welcome to call in and see us.  We're open Monday-Friday, 9.30am-4.00pm.  With our new signage, you can't miss us!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Course Focus -Stained Glass

ACRES offers a popular range of arts and crafts courses across a variety of different disciplines.  A successful course this academic year has been 'Introduction to Leaded Stained Glass' which has continued from the autumn term and looks set to run for the rest of the year.  Most of the group were complete beginners but they've still managed to produce some amazing work.  If you'd like to try working with glass, look out for more courses in our autumn brochure, or, if you've got some experience, why not join the next continuation course starting after Easter.  We've also got a mosaics workshop on the 23rd April 2016 so why not give that a go too.
Part way there....

Ann wielding the soldering iron!

Graham soldering his Vulcan bomber

The planning stage

Rob can cut glass too.....!

Busy getting the pieces to fit...